Smart, Strategic Local Search SEO Marketing Plan

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We belong to a digital era, with millions of internet searchers looking for the services and products you offer.

With Google owning about 70% of the search engine market isn’t time you started marketing your business on the web?

How Local SEO Marketing Works-
Google and other popular search engine use IP targeting to determine the searchers location in order to show local results. Do a Google search for “Dentist” and see what comes up. You’ll notice Local Business Listings roughly mid-way down the first page. This makes Local Search Optimization more important than ever — especially considering the future of Mobile Search. As many respected technology experts predicted, Mobile Search begun to boom in 2010. Mobile searches, such as those conducted from smart phones, primarily pull their results from Local Search Listings.

Do these local searches convert into real-world commerce?

Up to 50% of Internet users search for businesses locally. These include salons, florists, restaurants, mechanics, and chiropractors — basically, the types of businesses that cater to a local market and are always in search of new customers.

According to one study, 49% of local searches resulted in a visit to a local merchant. This means almost half of every search for a local business converts into a real, live person patronizing a brick-and-mortar store. Our experience with our customers points to the same conclusion. Local search is consumer-driven and not business-driven, thus it makes sense that consumers actively searching for a product or service are more likely to follow through with a purchase.