Susan Castro is the driving force behind Branch Out Online Marketing.  Maintaining an industry reputation as a fast-paced industrious professional possessing very strong work ethics, Susan has proven herself as an exceptionally advanced SEO and online internet marketer who works tirelessly on behalf of her clients and their project needs. Using her wealth of advanced strategies, methodologies and knowledge, she is recognized as an exceptionally proficient professional that takes the art and science of search engine optimization and applies the principals to achieving her client’s goals in a global market.

When you’re evaluating Internet Marketingproficiency, remember:

-Google is the only search engine that really matters. Google owns about 70% of the market.

-Terms should be “searched for” related to a business, not just pretty phrases that sound good (and nobody searches for.)

-Go and verify the search claims yourself.

-Keep in mind that search engines use personalized results.   Your search history and location will affect your results.

A Few examples of organic search optimization work I’ve done:

  SEO Case Study-Local Search Marketing for Synergy Yoga

SEO Case Study- Search Engine Marketing- Chakra Readings

 SEO Case Study– Local SEO – Business to Business-  Sexy Yoga

 SEO Case Study– Local Search Internet Marketing – Business to Business-  Beach A/C

SEO Case Study- B2B- 305 Yoga

 Send us a little information about your business, your project, or whatever, and what some of your immediate goals are for internet marketing.  Fill out the form below and receive a FREE  Marketing Analysis.

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