Establish Your Presence with Internet Marketing


Local SEO Marketing

Everyday, there are millions of web users searching on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines  for products and services they want and need. Think about how your local business could profit if your business is seen on the first page of Google. A business would be able to keep a steady flow of customers from the sheer fact that they’re the first thing seen when Goggling info on the web. Local Search Marketing is the key to getting those customers.

With Local Search Marketing, you are promoting your business at a point when people are already involved in the buying process; they’re already looking for what you sell. All you need to do is come up first. 92% of searches never go past the 1st page of results, and 75% never go past the first few results. For Local Search to work effectively, your business has to be at the top.

Benefits include:
60% of all online searches are local searches
Increased presence on the 1st page of search engines
Increased incoming website leads
Multiplied source exposure with long lasting results
Dominate Internet as well as phone-based 411 searches
Gain trust and brand recognition from local customers with online reviews

With Google Places or Yahoo Local your business can appear on the first page of listings fairly quickly. We can help set up your profile and guarantee there’s no conflicts that will stop you from being displayed, and optimize it to have it rank for your highest traffic generating keywords.

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